Based in Ballaigues, Switzerland, Dentsply Maillefer was founded in 1889 by Auguste Maillefer, a watchmaker who became a dentist at the age of 48 years old. It is considered the world leader in the design, manufacture and commercialization of dental instruments for the treatment of root canals.  Since 1995, Dentsply Maillefer has been a part of the global group Dentsply International Inc., a world leader in dental solutions present in more than 120 countries.  Dentsply Maillefer designs and manufactures its own, tailor-made machines that enable it to produce close to one million products per day.

Leading and shaping the future of endodontics globally is our life’s work.

Precision Engineered for Superior Results.

More than 100 years of precision Swiss engineering principles go into every Maillefer hand file we meticulously create.  In fact, our own specifications are so demanding, Maillefer files exceed ISO standards.  From severely curved to highly calcified canals, Maillefer has the file you need to meet the challenge.  Most come standard with an innovative flute design, nonslip plastic handles for a firmer grip, ISO color-coding for easy identification, a safe-ended BATT Tip to reduce chances of ledging, and preinserted silicone stops that are notched to guide instruments you pre-bend around curves.  In addition, many of our stainless steel files are twisted – not ground – for strength, cutting efficiency and fracture resistance.

Precisely the Right Burs for Efficient Procedures.

The efficiency of endodontic procedures is often determined by achieving proper straight-line access.  Maillefer specialty burs are precision engineered to make your every action more precise and productive.  Expertly machined from tungsten carbide, tungsten steel or stainless steel, these strong, reliable instruments meet the challenges of a variety of applications.

Driven by Quality.

Maillefer engine-driven instruments are crafted with the same dedication to performance and reliability as our trusted hand instruments.  Manufactured in our Switzerland facility of specially formulated, superior stainless steel, they resist the corrosive forces of autoclaving and other sterilization methods. The instruments offer outstanding cutting efficiency, thus reducing user fatigue.  In addition, easy identification is built in to each instrument’s design.  Maillefer Gates Glidden Drills and Peeso Reamers, for example, are notched for quick identification.  ISO color coding also indicates the cutting diameter of each Gates Glidden.